Dr. Frank Chen has hospital privileges at the following hospital:
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Frank Chen, MD, PA
2180 North Loop West, Suite 450, Houston, TX 77018
Ph: 832-384-1560 Fax: 832-384-1585
Cypress Creek Hospital
17750 Cali Drive
Houston, TX 77090
Ph: 281-586-7600 (main)
Ph: 281-586-5956 (admissions)

Services: Inpatient hospitalization for psychiatric and chemical dependency
issues. Partial hospital program. Chemical dependency intensive outpatient
program. Electroconvulsant therapy (contact Sharon Prien Ph: 281-586-5945).
Emergency Services
If there are concerns about harm to self or others (i.e. imminent suicidal
thoughts, aggressive behavior) please call 911. Please also notify us about
the emergency.
Involuntary Hospitalization
Involuntary hospitalization due to potential of harm to self or others may be
petitioned at one's county courthouse.
Voluntary Hospitalization
Please call the admissions department of respective hospital to discuss bed
availability and financial responsibility prior to showing up for evaluation.
Please note that the hospital staff will not reveal bed availability if one shows
up at the hospital emergency room for evaluation. One may end up waiting
hours to be evaluated by a nurse and a psychiatrist only to find that a transfer
to another facility will be necessary due to bed availability issue.

You may request Dr. Frank Chen to be your attending physician during the
hospitalization. Existing patients may contact Dr. Chen's office to coordinate
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